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More than a builder, we're your business partner through the entire process ensuring customer satisfaction by developing quality relationships with clients, partners, subcontractors and suppliers.

As a certified Butler Builder, GENRON is equipped to provide Endless possibilities in the range of pre-engineered buildings and metal roofing systems. Butler systems are green, durable, and cost effective, not to mention customizable. We will work with you from design to possession to ensure your building is everything you want and need and then some!


GENRON provides Butler structural systems designed to provide the maximum flexibility and productivity from the most efficient use of steel materials. With options ranging from vast clearspan buildings to multistory designs, you’re sure to find the right structural system solution to perfectly suit your building needs.


With GENRON's expertise with a Butler structural system, you have virtually unlimited flexibility with regard to building width, height, roof slope, and exterior finish options. We can also accommodate buildings with large modules and bay sizes.


Four more than 40 years, Butler has set the industry standard for roof performance with the MR-24® roof system—the first and still finest standing-seam roof system. Several proprietary features set the MR-24® system apart in terms of weathertight protection and long-term durability.


Butler offers additional roof systems to meet your specific project needs. You can specify a system with enhanced energy performance — or choose an architectural metal roof system design if your plans call for a higher roof slope. Whichever you choose, you can count on GENRON to build you weathertight, low-maintenance, and worry-free performance roofing system.


Butler wall systems built by GENRON are designed to complement our structural systems, offering a practical and attractive way to finish any project. Many styles and finishes are available, ranging from fluted profiles to smooth, flat panels that create a monolithic appearance. You can also choose a textured panel to create the popular look of stucco.


If your project calls for a specialized application such as a cold-storage facility, or enhanced performance such as greater energy efficiency, you’ll find the right Butler wall system to fit your needs. And with their superior engineering and construction from GENRON, you can also count on fast and accurate installation.


How we build better projects.


We align our tools in our technology toolbelt to support your needs of your project with the latest materials, techniques and delivery methods.


Safety is at the core of Genron's corporate philosophy, it is our duty to ensure each employee and job site is a safe environment.


We build quality into your project every step of the way following a prescribed method of collaboration, inspections and quality audits.


No job can get done without people, we ensure we have valued relationships with our clients, employees, partners, contractors and community.


Terracon Geotechnique is pleased to recognize and acknowledge the efforts of your group to complete and turn over our new building on time and on budget.


Most importantly, the project was executed with an excellent safety performance record. As a consequence, we were able to move into our new office and materials testing laboratory with a minimum of inconvenience to our clients, and vacate our rented premises on schedule without having to impose on our landlords for additional lease time.

Lee Nichols

Terracon Geotechnique

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Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with SmartView technology.


Such as MR-24 roof system, the industry's number one metal roof system.


Extensive testing of the materials make Butler building's superior in quality and maintenance.


Whether you're a year away from the start of your project or need to start immediately, contact one of our sales team members to discuss today.

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