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We've been part of Western Canada for the past 50 years. A lot of things have changed in that time, but one thing remains constant, our commitment to our community, employees, partners and our customers.


GENRON is committed to providing quality construction for the industrial, commercial and institutional markets of Western Canada Through several delivery methods, GENRON provides expertise in both conventional and pre-engineered buildings, structural decking, building envelope including roofing and wall systems, as well as a variety of speciality areas.

GENRON’s roots date back to 1965 when the Bond Group of companies was started by John Van Spronson in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Mr. Van Spronson expanded his operation in 1974 by purchasing DM Henderson Roofing Ltd which continues to service the Peace River area to this day. From the beginning, the company and its people were driven by vision, integrity and a sense of pride in every detail.

In 1975 Bond-A-Ply was invited to work on both the new Syncrude plant and Suncor expansion in Fort McMurray, Alberta. A year later, in 1976, the company opened a permanent facility in Fort McMurray under the direction of manager and co-owner Peter Van Genne.


This positioned the company to offer continuing support for the local community and its industries. Peter’s ingenuity and hard work launched Bond’s level of service to include structural deck and wall cladding systems under the name of GENRON Enterprises of which Bond-A-Ply is a division.

In 1976 Mr. Gene Dobie moved to Fort McMurray, Alberta with Bond-A-Ply. In 1988 he joint ventured with the Van Spronsen family of Dawson Creek, BC. Now, decades later, the company is an industry leading family of companies offering general contracting, design-build, and building envelope services in Northern Alberta and British Columbia. The roofing division of GENRON, Bond-A-Ply, continues to stand strong today as one of the largest northern roofing companies in Western Canada.

The GENRON group of companies is committed to both its employees and clients through innovation and improving the way business is done. At GENRON, the mission is to deliver safe, high quality, competitive services on time and on budget.


Lots of things have changed since we started, but our focus on leadership hasn't. Leadership built Genron to what it is today and will continue well into the future.


How we build better projects.


We align our tools in our technology toolbelt to support your needs of your project with the latest materials, techniques and delivery methods.


Safety is at the core of Genron's corporate philosophy, it is our duty to ensure each employee and job site is a safe environment.


We build quality into your project every step of the way following a prescribed method of collaboration, inspections and quality audits.


No job can get done without people, we ensure we have valued relationships with our clients, employees, partners, contractors and community.

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