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Safety is in the fabric of Genron's corporate culture from the start of every day, to the end of every project we work on.


Safety is at the core of GENRON’s corporate philosophy. It is the policy of our management team to ensure that each employee is provided with a safe working environment. We hold safety, of our employees, the public and the environment, as our highest value.


Our policies meet or exceed the legislative requirements of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Code. We aim to be an industry leader in safety performance.


The objectives of GENRON’s safety program are to prevent unsafe acts and conditions responsible for incidents, and to have all employees perform all work in a safe and effective manner.


Through the work of our full time Safety Advisor and full time Safety Coordinator these objectives are ensured by means of internal and external audits; extensive and ongoing training of crew members; ongoing revision of policies, practices and procedures; and regular formal and informal inspections. Our target for each project is “0" incidents.


GENRON’s safety program has achieved the “Certificate of Recognition” from Partnerships in Injury Reduction. We are a member of the reporting registries ISNETWorld, CanQual, and ComplyWorks.


Over the past three years GENRON has averaged 92,418 man hours with zero lost time injuries.

As a group of companies we have been the recipient of several safety awards including Safe Work Alberta, Syncrude Canada, Millar Western, Alberta Pacific Pulp, Opti Canada, Athabasca Oilsands, Presidents Safety Award and ACSA Trail Blazers



Certificate of Recognition from Partnerships in Injury Reduction


Safe Work Alberta


Syncrude Canada Safety Award


ACSA Trail Blazer Award


Lots of things have changed since we started, but our focus on leadership hasn't. Leadership built Genron to what it is today and will continue well into the future.


This is how we build better projects.


We align our tools in our technology toolbet to support your needs of your project with the latest materials, techniques and delivery methods.


Safety is at the core of Genron's corporate philosophy, it is our duty to ensure each employee and job site is a safe environment.


We build quality into your project every step of the way following a prescribed method of collaboration, inspections and quality audits.


No job can get done without people, we ensure we have valued relationships with our clients, employees, partners, contractors and community.

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